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Android OTT Box

You don’t need satellite or receiver with Redline OTT products. Turn your old model TV to smart one. Have fun with powerfull hardware and user-friendly interface. Get your favourite apps at Play Store and RedStore. You can fold your tv pleasure with the latest movies and series

HD Satellite Receivers

Discover the fun-filled world of Redline HD Satellite Receivers with superior technology and a wide range of products. Our performance-oriented products for every need have developed and adapted to every infrastructure system worldwide.

Display Systems

HD resolution promise both quality and stylish appearance with its realistic colors and thin frame design that draws you in. Thanks to the modular system in PS series products, you can turn your monitor into a smart TV or a TV with a satellite receiver. Your favorite TV shows and movies

Redline Space Android Tablets

Take the lead in all races with a winning tablet. The Redline Space series is just for you! Its vivid sound and high visual quality make the Space series an indispensable device for fun activities. Whether you want a full-featured and powerful tablet or a simple entry-level tablet, the Redline Space series has the ideal tablet models for you. Its family-friendly features keep kids safe while helping parents take control. The Space series Redline tablet models have ideal models for the daily needs of students who receive distance education and adults working from home. It allows children to attend live classes and do their homework, and adults to attend meetings and complete their daily work comfortably.

LED & Gyro Navigation System

Smart Electronic Water Tank & Wet MOP

3000PA Super Vacuum

5200 mAh Lithium Battery

Full Control wia Mobile App

Crash and Fall Protect Sensors

Non-Stain Glass Surface

Gyro Navigation System

High Capacity Dust Bin

Full Control wia Mobile App

2000PA Vacuum

2200 mAh Lithium Battery

Crash and Fall Protect Sensors

Touch Panel and Non-Stain Glass Surface

CCTV Security Systems

Redline security camera systems, with its product portfolio produced with the latest technologies from 2 megapixels to 4K resolution, address all needs and offer solutions focused entirely on customer satisfaction. It follows the latest technologies in the sector and shapes its product range within this framework.

Display Quality

It offers completely customer satisfaction-oriented solutions with its product portfolio produced with the latest technologies from 2 megapixels to 4K resolution for all needs related to the security camera system.

Mobile App

It offers you the opportunity to monitor your home or workplace from your mobile phone 24/7 without interruption.

Premium Hardware

It offers the opportunity to further increase its security with impact or external contact resistant safes.


Redline's exclusive Unicode compression technology provides a unique advantage over its competitors with both more economical cost and longer recording time.

Excellent Wi-Fi Experience

Wi-Fi access is very common today, but traditional Wi-Fi coverage solutions are not specific to different environments. To overcome this problem, Redline offers a variety of solutions and products suitable for specific scenarios and service features. Redline solutions ensure that ideal networking experiences are provided for users in a wide range of settings.

High Density Network Products

The increase in user terminals has increased the popularity of wireless access in conference rooms, media centers, lounges and stadiums. High simultaneous access by users presents a challenge to wireless networks that traditional solutions cannot meet. Redline is the only company that has products suitable for the High-Density Networking products Solution to overcome this challenge by analyzing the requirements of terminals and service features in high density scenarios.

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